About Us

Welcome! Our family is celebrating our 50th year in the transmission business. Funny how things have changed.. local deliveries in our 1955 Buick have now evolved into international deliveries on speeding airliners. Automatic Transmissions have changed too. Gears and mechanical parts have now become electronics and sending switches.

We realized long ago that the older automatic transmissions will forever have a special niche. After all, who wants to hook up a bunch of transmission electronics to a 1950 Chevy?

But all of these older transmissions need special attention, and they all have one thing in common... They leak!  Right, It's hard to imagine a company surviving by fixing transmission leaks, but that's us! We do other things too, but sealing up those oldies is one of the main things we do and has kept us busy for many years now.

And that 1955 Buick? We still have it for occasional local deliveries!

We can be reached toll free at (888) 324-1617 for questions or to place an order by phone. You can also reach us at our CONTACT US link, or by email at Our order desk is staffed daily between the hours of 8AM - 6PM Pacific Time (West Coast USA). We are located in sunny San Diego, California USA.  We do our best to return calls quickly in the rare event of reaching our voice mail. We accept major credit cards, Paypal, personal check or money orders.


1955 Buick Roadmaster - All Original. In our family since 1958.